This page primarily contains links to external resources which are relevant to the transition pedagogy. For an extensive list of Senior Fellowship disseminations and related materials by Sally Kift (including publications, presentations and interviews), please refer to the Senior Fellowship Disseminations page of this website.

  • Research Centres and Data
  • Professional Associations and Groups
  • Conferences and Symposia
  • Documents (including Reports, Briefing Papers, Literature Reviews and Guidelines)

Research Centres and Data

Australasian Survey of Student Engagement (AUSSE), ACER (Australian)

Centre for the Study of Higher Education (Australian)

First level assessment: aligning perceptions and practice with purpose (FLAP) UK

International Centre for Student Retention (USA)

National Survey of Student Engagement Institute (USA)

Project DEEP: Documenting Effective Educational Practice (USA)

University of South Carolina, National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition (USA)

Professional Associations and Groups

Action on Access, The National Co-ordination Team for Widening Participation (UK)

Association of Academic Language and Learning Advisors (Australian)

Education Network Australia (EDNA) – First Year at University (Australian)

Equity101, National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (Australian)

First Year Experience and Curriculum Design, on the ALTC Exchange (Australian: Kift Senior Fellowship outcome)

The John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education (formerly the Policy center on the First Year in College) (USA)

Conferences and Symposia

European First Year Experience Conferences (EFYE) (all) (EU)

First Year Experience in Continuing Education Conference 2006 (UK)

FYE Curriculum Design Symposium (Australian: Kift Senior Fellowship outcome)

New Zealand Universities Academic Audit Unit (2006) Student Engagement: Measuring and Enhancing Engagement with Learning – Symposium 2006 (New Zealand)

Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conferences (Australian)

Documents (including Reports, Briefing Papers, Special Editions of Journals, Literature Reviews and Guidelines)

DEST: Report -Transition from Secondary to Tertiary: A Performance Study (Australian)

The e-Journal of Business Education & Scholarship of Teaching (e-JBest), Vol. 3, Iss. 2, 2009, is a special theme issue on the First-Year Experience at University (Australian)

Grayson P. (1995) Does race matter? Outcomes of the first year experience in a Canadian universityCanadian Journal of Higher Education, v25 n2 p79-109 (Canada)

Harvey, Drew & Smith (2006) The first-year experience: a review of literature for the Higher Education AcademyHEA (UK)

Heagney & Ferrier (2008) Higher Education in Diverse Communities: Global Perspectives; Local InitiativesEAN(EU)

James, R., Bladwin, G., & McInnis, C. (1999) Which University 99/3 EIP HE Division DETYA (Australia)

Nulty, D, Kift, S & Sweep, T (n.d.) Student Evaluation of Assessment.Griffith University.

Scottish Quality Assurance Agency FYE Enhancement Theme sub-projects (UK)

STAR (Student Transition And Retention): Sub-project on Curriculum Development (UK)

Yorke, M. & Longden, B. Survey of the first-year student experience Phases 1 and 2 Higher Education Academy (UK)

Wallace, J. (2003) Supporting the First Year Experience (UK)

Zepke, N et al (2005) Improving tertiary student outcomes in the first year of study. Wellington: New Zealand Council for Educational Research. (New Zealand)