Double Degrees

Author – Dr Bruce Moulton, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Bruce is a Senior Lecturer with the School of Electrical, Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems, in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Technology, Sydney, and Head of the Combined Degrees Program. Prior to tenure at UTS, Bruce worked in health services and computer systems. Bruce’s interests include human performance/psychology, judgment and decision-making, modelling and data visualisation, safety-critical systems and technology assessment.

Further information is available from the UTS Faculty of Engineering.

First Year Curriculum Perspective

The Double Degree commentary (1.44MB) examines first year curriculum design and the case study exemplars from the perspective of students undertaking “double degrees”, which for the purpose of the commentary is to be taken as referring to two undergraduate degrees studied simultaneously through two faculties or disciplines of one institution. The potential for double degrees to involve true multi-, inter-, trans- or cross-disciplinarity is discussed and the observation is made that students and employers might understandably assume double degree curricula would include coverage at the interface of the two degrees.